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Treatment Services
Silver Lake Support Services (SLSS) offers quality comprehensive treatment services for those suffering from addiction and addiction-related problems. SLSS offers a full range of services, addressing addiction and any other comorbid illness.
Individual and Group Counseling - Our services are highly individualized. Patients and staff work together to develop a treatment plan. Patients are assigned treatment schedules that fit with their own personal schedules and match the patient's identified goals. Counseling sessions address recovery, mental health, interpersonal relations, housing, gambling, spirituality, and nicotine dependence.
Educational Assessment/ Vocational Training and Referral - We believe Education and Vocation preparation is necessary if patients are to ultimately lead sober and self sufficient lives. Our program staff can assist patients who have employment problems in identifying and accessing whatever resources are available to them.
Program-Sponsored Peer Support - A major component of a successful, extended recovery is the development of a support network. Our staff can provide the tools necessary for proper socialization and sober-network building.
Case Management - Our program staff do not just provide treatment- they assist patients in building a total recovery lifestyle. Whether assisting with entitlements, housing, transportation, self-help, alternate care referrals, program staff will ensure their patients have the tools they need to help prevent relapse.
Psychiatric Assessment, Treatment, and Referral - We offer true integrated treatment for patients suffering from mental illness in addition to their addiction. For patients who do not have a history of mental illness, program staff are trained to screen for possible comorbid illness as well as arrange for psychiatric assessment and treatment if necessary.
DWI/ DUI Incident Prevention program - For individuals recently charged with DWI/DUI offenses, we can provide the necessary screening, assessment services, and assist these individuals in better understanding their legal involvements. We will provide the support and education necessary to rectify these issues and ensure your future is safe and sober.
Residential Referral and Placement - We believe housing is an integral part of patients' ability to establish a lasting recovery. Without a stable and safe housing environment, patients' chances of successful recovery is threatened. Our program employs a residential specialist in order to assist patients for whom safe housing is an issue.