Self-Care in Addiction Recovery
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Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

Now that you are sober, you may be a little leery of offering yourself self-love. You may feel like there is a fine line between making self-care a priority and overcoming the addictive tendency to be self-centered. Yet in many ways, overcoming addiction does require that you put time and energy into focusing on yourself and healing yourself. Self-love can be a foundation on which recovery is built.

Self-Praise and Self-Love

Recovery requires that you learn to love yourself. Although you may have done some things you aren’t proud of, including hurting people you love during your active addiction, there are still many good things about you.
To become comfortable in your sober life, you have to start noticing the things you do right. Give yourself a pat on the back for each day that you don’t pick up a drink or drug and that you don’t revert to old self-destructive patterns. Give yourself credit for showing up for work, striving to make yourself a better person and being the best person you can be. Acknowledge your efforts to reach out to other people and not just dwell on your own hurts.

A Journey of Learning to Love Yourself

When you first get sober, you may believe that there isn’t much about you worth loving. Believe it or not, that is the disease talking. The disease of addiction is insidious. It wants you to believe you are a bad person because that will give you an excuse to self-destruct.

Take small steps toward self-care each day. Make an effort to eat right and get some exercise. Try to get enough sleep at night. Listen to your body when it gives you signals that you need to rest or you need to get more active. Spend some time in spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation. In doing this, you begin to nurture your spirit as well as your mind and body.
Give yourself credit for the efforts you are making to take better care of yourself. Each and every day that you don’t pick up a drink or a drug, you are moving in the right direction. You deserve to be treated with your own love and respect.

Making the effort to love yourself is an early part of healing from all the years you practiced self-neglect and self-abuse. You deserve to be loved and cherished. Practicing self-care in addiction recovery will help you grow, heal and gradually build a life free of self-destructiveness.


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Reply to comment on Thursday, December 03, 2015 3:56 AM
Very nice thoughts. I think for leaving any addiction self love is very important.

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I think Love yourself is most easy as well as most difficult work. Before love yourself you have to find out why you would love yourself. Is it important or it is not important? If we find out the answer of that loving yourself would be more easier.
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